Who We Are

“Cumberland House is the oldest permanent settlement in Western Canada and the Saskatchewan River Delta is the largest inland delta in North America. This expansive area is commonly referred to as “the homeland of the Cree and the Métis.” From its foundation in 1774, Cumberland House and the adjacent delta established itself as one of the most important fur trading depots in Canada.”

— The Saskatchewanderer June 21, 2019


Our Team

Solomon Carrière

Born and raised in Cumberland House, Sask., Solomon has a strong heritage of Yorkboatmen, Voyageurs, and the Cree culture. He was raised hunting, fishing, canoeing, and trapping. He has a keen awareness of the wilderness and all that it offers, which adds to his excellent guiding and wilderness skills.

Renée Carrière

Renée has her Masters of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and is an entrepreneur and a land-based educator. She is passionate about the land as a teacher. Big Eddy Lodge has been her home for over 36 years.  She homeschooled her three children and is currently researching the fire-burning practices of Indigenous people.

Michela Carrière

Born, raised and home-schooled at Big Eddy Lodge, Michela has years of adventure guiding and medicinal plant knowledge. Michela has extensive canoe experience having guided numerous river expeditions. She has knowledge of horticulture and biology and is passionate about the healing powers of nature.

Big Eddy Lodge was started in the 1930s when my grandfather started taking out Americans in this area for hunting geese. Over the years we have expanded to include deer and bear hunting, fishing, and adventures like canoeing, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing. So this business has been in our family for generations, and even longer before that, as Solomon Carrière is a Cree man with connections to this land for thousands of years. His great grandfather was a York boatman for the fur trade, so our family history with guiding is vast. We have a strong ancestral and historical connection to this land.

This is a family business and we operate like that, when we invite a guest to our place, they are treated like family. This is our home as well as our outfitting business. Solomon is an indigenous hunting guide, and Michela his daughter, is a hunting guide as well, which is incredibly unique and special. If there are women who want to get out and hunt, this would be the perfect opportunity for them to learn.

Our life here is very unique, as we live isolated in the woods, 60 km from the nearest town, with no road access. It is true wilderness off the grid, and this is a cool story to tell and we can captivate an audience from our unique family wilderness lifestyle.

What sets us apart is the fact we live out here, and our deep history with this place. Solomon has 56 years’ experience. He is a world champion canoe marathon athlete with world records. He is an indigenous hunting guide with deep ancestral roots to this land; he is fully bi-lingual in his native language. He is an accomplished archery hunter and animal caller. He is connected to the land and has lived here his whole life.

Michela was raised in this place and is an indigenous woman guide. Big Eddy Lodge is our home, we invite guests out here to be part of our family.